Just an Ordinary Day

March 18, 2008
By Brittany Groene, Cincinnati, OH

She went to school today
She did the same thing as yesterday
She talked to her friends
And rode the bus home
Just like an ordinary day

But what lied ahead she did not know
Or even start to wonder
She strolled on through
With no question or thought in what
She thought it was an ordinary day

She was dressed up all super cute
Wanting to impress all the boys
To her brother's friday night game
She wanted to go to because
She thought it was an ordinary day

Her head began to hurt
And lost the feeling in her leg
911 was immediately called
And at the hospital she would stay
For it was not an ordinary day

September 3 is a special date
One that changed her life forever
Changed her loved ones and
Those who heard the story
September 3 was not an ordinary day

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