Sea of Love

March 18, 2008
By Lindsey Davidson, Youngsville, LA

Last night I drowned in a dark deep sea

At first this sea was a pool

Every time I blinked a tear would slowly roll down my face and splash into this pool making it deeper with each tear I cried

The sea swallowed me whole

Over powering my self control

I felt the cold uncaring water surround me as I gasped for air ,in between each cry for help, making me weaker and weaker

Love turned out to be a dark deep sea

With each gasp of breath I grew weaker and weaker

I had been there before, in this sea of love, but I overcame the pain

Because as I was drowning I looked up and saw you on a ship there to rescue me

In this dark deep sea

I couldn't escape this monster that was overtaking my body

I kept thinking you would be there to comfort me

From this dark deep sea

It was then I saw the lights from your ship getting closer and closer

I splashed, I swam and I screamed

But when you finally saw me,

You turned the other way

I screamed out your name asking you to please not leave

But the lights from your ship began growing fainter and fainter along with me

Leaving me to drown in this dark deep sea

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