March 10, 2008
By Katie Vondette, Clarkston, MI

I stand in the doorframe-
as I gaze out into the storm.
Thunder shakes the house.
Cracked but strong, the foundations's still standing.
Lightning reflects off the glass paine
as light flirts with sounds.
Water dances across.
The storm I brewed lingers for hours
refusing to leave my battered soul.
Clouds charcoal and thick toil above my head.
The wind rushes through my face
taking my breath with it.
Hair flies, arms sprawled-
i fall to the ground.
water drips off corners.
heavy breaths rise and fall
and the storm appears complete.
The sun refuses to break the dark
so I retreat away from
the rage the darkness shouts at me.
The water collects in a pool below.
Storm is over, but no life seems to creep.

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