April 18, 2008
By Lauren Pickard, Kettering, OH

You stick with me
When no one's around
You help me hear,
when I can't hear a sound.

You help me see,
when I am blind.
You'd help me out,

You help me sleep
When I'm awake.
You help me warm
When I shake.

You help me listen
When I speak.
You help me stop talking,
When my mouth leaks.

You help to cure me,
When I'm ill.
You help me have thoughts,
My mind you fill.

You help me touch,
What I know isn't there.
You help me reach,
to get all the way there.

Your the only one,
that sticks around,
When my world is crazy,
and my hope can't be found.

You stay here,
through thick and thin,
And somehow I know,
We'll be friends 'til the end.

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