April 17, 2008
By Jeni Hernandez, Laredo, TX

The giggles and crying
The bubble gum popping
And all the lying
We are yours.

Coming and going was tough on us too
Don’t worry you were never alone.
We would always hope and prayed the time will fly by
You never disgraced us; you never said we were dumb
You would always call us ‘sus feas’

We are yours, the one’s you love
The one’s you care for, the one’s you wait for
The one’s you hope to see soon.
Forever and always we are your family

We kissed you goodbye and promised we’d come back
We’d try our best in school and tried not to lack.
It was truly the only reason why we did so well
So we can come and see you

We are yours,
The one’s you hear laughing
The one’s that love you
The one’s you can’t live without
The one’s you get hugs from
We’ll never stop loving you.

With all our hearts we loved you
With all our minds we tried
Yet, you left before we could say goodbye.
Were sorry for not seeing you as often as we could.
We tried, we failed, but we still love you.

We look above and say hello
We’re sorry we never said goodbye.
But you’re in a better place now.

We will never let you down,
Together we’re family
Together always, never apart
We’ll keep your traditions alive,
Dress our sons just like you
Tell them about the only hero in this world.

We love you so much,
We will never let you down.
We are yours,
The one’s you can count on.
We will never forget you.
Not now, not ever.

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