The Beach

April 17, 2008
I grabbed the umbrella and stuck it in the dry sand.
Laid my towel face-down
I could feel the heat under my feet.

I gently sat down on the towel.
The sand perfectly molding my body.
The sun shined so bright as if I was staring straight at a light bulb.

I slid my sunglasses down my nose.
Boy, does that sunglow.
I want to go for a swim… I thought to myself.
The cool water touching my toes.


I jump in the bright, blue, calm water.
Watching the ripples disappear before my eyes.
I lay back, so I’m perfectly floating on the water.
Looking up at the clouds.

So fluffy and perfect.
Like a special effect.
Squish, squish, squish
I felt as I walked on land.
The perfect way
To end a day
As they
All walk away.

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