As Our Song Plays

April 16, 2008
By AnNi Huang, Campbell, CA

As our song plays, I picture you and me,

If only I could rewind our precious memories,

And fastfoward the ones that were angry,

Its been so long, yet why do I have such worries,

As I read our love letters, I start to reminisce,

If I could rewrite this letter to express my affection

Baby, I'll make sure it would be longer than this

This love, I thought was perfection.

As I skim through our pictures,I dream that it would all come back,

I'm addicted to you, I can no longer deny,

Without you, this world has became white and black,

I'm told to leave our past behind, with a regretful goodbye,

Only time will determine this love,

But I can already predict you're all I'll ever think of.

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