The Ballad of Salem

April 16, 2008
By Ashley Schnell, Gilbert, AZ

From the time someone throw Salem out of the car
Not knowing where to go
He followed my sister home
Soon to become the greatest pet anyone could have

The frist meal he had was Wendy’s chicken nuggets
He wouldn’t leave my backyard
Weeks went pass and he was still there
Finally it come time for him to become a member of the family

The first time Salem was in he won’t leave the towel we gave him
He was unsure of what was happening
Tried to make him feel welcome
Gave him my care bear

He always got babied
But Salem was the baby
Getting everything he wanted
Just from a little “Meow”

Salem the look on his face
Made it positive he was the pet for me
It didn’t take long
He was family


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