Moon's Love Song

December 17, 2011
By CelticKitten DIAMOND, Redding, California
CelticKitten DIAMOND, Redding, California
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The trees whisper to themselves. The dark water by my side calls my voice in an ominous hiss. The winds whistle the recognisable melody of a victim's screams. The moon sings with my voice. I had just noticed my voice was stolen. Though entirely clothed with a sweater and jeans I was shivering in the almost blazing temperature. Though after clearly after dark, it wasn't as dark as one would think.

After spending almost ten minutes in my threatening daydream I paid attention to the shadows. I heard slow, hesitant footsteps near the beginning of the small river. The moonlight barely shining through the thick trees. I didn't see the rock that was blatantly threatening my life. The next thing that was obvious was that I had fallen. I was soaked to the bone. The last thing I remember was being lifted out of the bone chilling water.

A hard hit to my head woke me. The first thing I saw was the window that had apparently hit my skull. The boy who had rescued me like a knight in shining armor cursed to himself quietly, not knowing I had waken up. A small squeak escaped my quivering lips had alerted him. The big truck I had been put in was loud. Rain was pouring down the windshield. I saw lights in the road ahead. The bright lights were going to give me a headache by the time he stopped to let me out, if he was going to let me out....

"Where are we headed?" I inquired with a shaking voice. " The hospital. Do you not remember how hard you fell? Or what you hit your head on?" The truth was that I didn't remember anything after I had noticed that he was following me. "No, I don't remember anything after I saw you were following me." I watched his eyes flicker with surprise.

The mysterious boy did not speak until we had gotten to the hospital. I tried to walk on my own, but when I failed he was there to catch me. He carried me until the doctor insisted I be placed in a wheelchair.I was warned that I would have to stay overnight.

The boy stated that his name was Danny. Danny came into my room and explained about how they were dabating about putting me on sleeping medication until morning. I said I would scream and kick if he didn't stay with me.

When they sedated me I could still feel his hand holding mine.It was the only peace I knew I could rely on.

When I woke up my vision was blurry. I could hear his voice as though he were calling my spirit. His guitar was hard to make out, however I could easily make his face out of all the haze. "Danny........" I was clearly still partly out of it. I could hear Danny's voice try to soothe me as if I were having a nightmare. The only nightmare I was having was with believing what went on last night. Danny never left my side, and though I had only known him for a few hours I knew he was meant to be mine. Forever, no exceptions. As far as I knew he didn't have a problem with my conclusion. He is mine..... The song he sang to me he had written for, to, and about me.

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