The Sinister Waterfall

December 17, 2011
As I sit in sweet, lonely silence on a moist rock. I hear the waterfall across the way, call my name in playful laughter. The wonderful mist collects on my face and soon masks my face in the fall's laughter and joy. My pen documenting every moment of the happiness. My rock goes unsteady as if commanded by the fall's sinister voice. Was I viewed as an enemy? Was the rock in league with the mysterious evil I could feel dancing around me? I fell into the small pool that the waterfall's water was feeding into. The water was as evil as I feared. The water ripped my body every which way. I know not to fight the water, because I will lose. Out of nowhere the rock had landed on my thin body acting as an anchor. I instantly hit the bottom of the seemingly huge pool, I had thought was so small. As everything I could see went black my head broke through the deadly surface I couldn't find. The tall, handsome, boy did not struggle under my wieght as he cradled me in his arms. My senses finally registering to my surroundings let my rigid body become nimble and easy to move. How had this boy known I was in the pool? My clothes (what was left of them) were in shreds all over my body. After I relaxed a little I easily recognised the boy. He was the boy I had seen on my way to the relaxing waters. He also went to my school. The boy said his name was Danny. Danny carried my shivering body to his car and drove me home. When we were in front of my house he carried me up to my bed, before my eyes were shut he reached down and his lips carresed mine in a nonforceful manner. He made me feel comfortable. Before I was completely asleep I caught a glance of his sweet smile. When I woke I was a little disappointed thinking it was a dream, but when I turned over Danny was sitting across my room watching.

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