Blank Face Mirror

April 15, 2008
By Tinsley Willis, Los Angeles, CA

Sanity slitting my fingers

The mold of my minds are lagging behind me

I dream of a day when my yells sound louder then echoes

And lips not only spell words of freedoms, but of truths

Thinking deep thoughts of unique exscpape routes of madness

The hands of a serial killer can only the past, the present

But not the future

Does one grow and grow happy or is it taught

Is madness learned or does it come from somewhere within

Mental capasities that dip like eses who lean like cholos to the mariaches of their heritage

Or blacks who pump fist for freedom

With mindsets placing them deeper & deeper into slavery

Many walk five paces forward

To glide six paces back

Smile hard

While they cry harder

Then their anger rails off past

Fake feelings of loving, honesty, friendship, and caring

As pain wells up inside just dying to be free

People reaching into minds without brains to fufill

Hours spent on end talking to eardrums with no boom

Blank faces only mirror what you give them

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