Live to Another Day

April 15, 2008
By Tinsley Willis, Los Angeles, CA

Daydreaming of a white Christmas
A warm summer
A beautiful spring
An amazing fall

Days where the rain sounds like music
And the sunlight leaves no shadow

Kids playing yard games
Teens playing hide-and-go get it in the backyard
While adults sip lattes and eat biscottis that taste like God made them from scratch

Dogs sniffing the greenest of grasses
And cats scratching the tallest of post

Nothing looks more beautiful
Smells as sweet
Or tastes as good

I feel the air around me
And the tender ground underneath my feet
The movement of body
The tender moments of my streaks
Creativity pouring through my fingertips

Pores fill with today's beginings
Not yesterday's mistakes
Nor tommorow's promises

Living now
All day now

Wanna know my secret?

Here it is...
I have non

The farther I walk,
the more mistakes and stuff I talk
Can only help me flourish
Through the path of life I walk

I know that everythings not roses
And the sky may become grey
But things often shift
Just take the lesson and live another day

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