In the Musuem of My Last Day

January 5, 2012
By DebonaireDon SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
DebonaireDon SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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An uncapped blue Bic pen laying across a composition notebook,
full of unfulfilled dreams

A black Ipod on a desk
singing soft farewell

My mothers handwriting scrawled swiftly across a sticky note
" Remember to clean out the sink"

Shelves stacked with the spark of my childhood memories

A purple collared shirt scented
with Armani code cologne
stained by an ex-lovers touch

A dresser decked with clothes
Half-heartedly folded

A half-empty can of Arizona ice tea

A couch cozy with daydreams
a corner of contemplating

A mirror mirroring my insecurities

A closet cramped of nightmares

A bed filled with restless nights

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the thought that if I died today, and someone were to make a museum of my room, what would they find?

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