Shaun White

January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

“I know I’m on a 4-peat but I’m going to stay focused” said Shaun White, a red headed amazing die-hard snowboarder.
Shaun White needs to stay focused to win X-games super pipe gold. He has won back-to-back winter Olympics, but his main focus is winning X-Games . His main focus is winning his 5th straight super pipe. Shaun has a lot of harder competition this year. I can see him progressing the sport even further, by doing bigger and better tricks. One of his best tricks, the double Mctwist 1260 has only ever been done by him. Shaun used it to win both the X-Games and Olympics. Shaun does these tricks because he goes 10 feet higher than anyone else and because he is not scared.
A strong but passionate rider, shaun has a edge over all the competition not only is he just good but he loves the sport pushing the limits not caring what people think. He goes big and accomplishes his one goal, winning. He said winning makes him stronger as a person. Not only is he winning he is gaining respect from everyone.

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