Baking Blondies

April 15, 2008
By Ashley Phillis, Mesa, AZ

Baking is a fun treat with your family
Always trying to get the recipe right
Knowing whet ether it will come out with a crispy top and a soft inside
Is just as fun as making it
Not too many things can spoil the fun and laughter
Going through the process making it

Baking blondies brings amusement and happiness
Lively laughter fills the warm air
Occasional mistakes are happening here and there
Nothing looks bad; the soft batter is baking and rising in the oven
Ding, goes the timer and we take the hot pan out
Indulging aroma fills the air; the blondie is baked to a crisp
Eating your creation with family and friends is an afternoon delight
Saying goodbye to your guest is the saddest part of the night

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