A World Beyond the Pane

January 4, 2012
By , Cincinnati, OH
I stand in this steamy shower,
A frenetic chamber of aqueous vapor,
In incessant locomotion.
Chemicals, water pressure, porcelain tile.
I am isolated but full of anxious –
Job interview.
Trumpet audition.
My parents hate me.
How will I ever pass government now?
My best friend has been diagnosed with cancer.
– Thoughts.
All day, the dream of
The warm massage of this water
Dissolving away my troubles,
Has been the strength to get me through my worries.
Chemicals, water pressure, porcelain tile.
Yet I see now my gleaming star
Is as false as the purifying power of the chemicals.
Yet I see now my gleaming star
Is as enslaving as the pressure of the water on my shoulders.
Yet I see now my gleaming star
Is as fragile as the incarcerating ceramic walls.
This simple cleansing no longer brings
The refreshing escape it once did.
Alone in this bath,
Civilization is too immanent.
Amidst frustration,
I put away the chemicals,
I shut off the water,
I turn out the light,
And stand still.
A glimmering wink makes me notice the window
And slide it open…

Oh, what a pow’rful scene befalls by eyes!
A quiet nighttime yard with moon above
That bathes the cloud-blotched sky with rad'ant light.
Incarnate oaks extend their arms to me
With noble crowns ensconced upon their heads.
Into my burning shower cool air they breathe,
The air as pure as dew drops in the morn,
And bears a pine-like scent which piques the nose
And blows away the noxious shower smells
Of sacch’rine chem’cals. Silhouetted in
Nocturnal luminescence is a creek,
Which snakes around the mighty vernal legs,
Mellifl’ous tones o’er rocks the water makes,
Yet still and silent does this world remain.
My heart now slows to match the tranquil scene
And proudly welcomes this new genuine hav’n
So full now is this life She offers me
And swells my troub’less heart to give Her thanks.
Autumnal winds do now begin to blow
And sylvan arms too start to wave good-bye.
But why? I will not ever be deterred
From any bliss as wonderful as this,
Invigorated will I always be
To live this life in endless harmony…

Dong! Dong!

Too much to do yet too little time!
Without that life-saving cacophony
I would be lost.
Tangent equals sine over cosine,
Or is it cosine over sine?
And I must study for government as well.
How will I ever finish it all tonight?
Heart now racing,
Tingling sweat now breaking,
Furious rage overtaking,
I storm from the bathroom,
A cavity hollower than ever.
Too consumed in civilization,
Is it really civilized?
My mind is shackled to
Ceaseless chaos
And cannot escape.
But at least I found the world beyond the pane.

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