what is "I"

January 4, 2012
By Anonymous

I am nothingness
I will never amount to anything
I am less
I am embarrassing
You say these things,
To “I”,
Without regard for the way “I” feels
You say “I” am friend,
When really “I” am enemy,
You say “I” am strong
When you laugh about my weaknesses
So now “I” will ask,
What is “I?”
Does “I” have meaning?
Me is “I”
And “me” is beautiful

The author's comments:
well awhile ago i had an inferiority complex. this was triggered from always being the "weak link" in everything i did. this caused me to question my meaning. i believed i would never really amount to anything. however now my attitude has changed and i kind of reminisce on what might have caused those feelings of being "less"

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