What If?

January 4, 2012
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Would life be better without me?”
A little boy used to wonder.
“Would relationships grow stronger, and would embraces become longer?”
“When people cry, will there always be somewhere nearby, ready to dry their wet eyes?”
“Would there be no more people hungry and poor?”
“Will no one be sleeping on the cold hard floor?”
“Would there be no more children lying,crying in their beds, because Mommy’s gone and
Daddy beat them once again?”
“Will there be no more broken down girls lying, dying on the floor because the pills are the only way out, even if they bring them to Hell’s doors?”
“Would people be able to sleep in their own beds without the horrifying thought of waking up dead?”
“When a grandparent is deadly sick,will their illness go away,nothing more than a silly trick?”
“Will the disformed Army Hero realize that having a new face is not a disgrace?”
" Would the homecoming queen in the pretty dress find out that being others’ definition of perfect isn’t tne best, that it’s being yourself that’s the true conquest?"
“Will there be no more tales told, of a young girl whose innocence has been sold?”
“On Christmas Eve, would the child with cancer be able to shut his eyes and think only of Prancer and Dancer?”
“Will you promise the teenage girl, the one that’s been crying all weekend, that she’ll never get her heart broken ever again?”
“When a baby is born will there be nothing more mind-blowing and wild than the love of a mother for her newborn child?”
Would the 2X size girl who just got her first paycheck get her first kiss, even if it’s just a peck?"
“Will the blacks, whites, straights, gays, be able to come together and enjoy the sun’s hot rays, no prejuduces, at least one summer day?”
“Would the clouds cease to rain?”
“Would there be no more pain?”
“Just promise me this : no more sterotypes, abuse, racism, hatred, cruelty, jealousy.”
Promise me: to love, to live, to laugh, to smile, to breathe."
“Then maybe,just maybe, this cruel, hard, sometimes, wonderful world won’t have to do without me.”

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