Are You a Teacher? Or a Learner?

April 15, 2008
By Courtney Dziewice, Clarkston, MI

People in our lives,
teach us the path of the wind.
It is an experience to learn,
and it is up to you flow along.

Some will go with the stream.
Some will not budge.

Even with the strongest draft,
tension is created.
Like a wild fire raging out of control.
It can restrict the distance you thrive,
or the chance to flow along.

But if you choose to go,
it may take you by surprise,
into a new direction, new place, new surrounding.
It may help you accelerate,
like rain falling from the sky.

Just take advice,
be affirmative,
get the meaning and learn from it.

Take the twist,

and surge with it.

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