December 13, 2011
The sun peeks through the cloudy sky,
The birds come out and they’re flying high.
Grass begins to grow again,
And treats the Earth like an old friend.

The weather warms up, but the clouds stay dark,
As the rains heavily falls, along with a spark.
Though when it’s sunny, we all go outside,
Playing baseball or Frisbee, our smiles are wide.
St. Patrick’s Day is on the rise
Annoying for girls but fun for the guys.
Leprechauns pinch on the cheek and elbow,
If you’re not wearing green, then you better stay low.

Love is in the air, and so is spring fever.
There’s tons of excitement, and feelings grow deeper.
Students are tired of school and homework,
Waiting anxiously for spring break and all it’s worth.

The eggs are painted, and Easter is here,
The Easter Bunny arrives filling children with cheer.
We go to Church, and remember our Savior,
Who died for our sins, as more than a favor.

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