Through Thick and Thin

April 14, 2008
By Kierstin Carr, Gilbert, AZ

My family is my safe haven
From everything in life
Through thick and thin, through good and bad
Through harmony or strife

My parents are the chief captain
Who lead our small army
Tend and love us when we fall
We fight the enemy

My siblings are my favorite friends
They’re patient, loyal, and kind
Forgiving my outbursts and wrong doings
They lead me when I’m blind


We all get along harmoniously
Well most of the time anyway
We high five each other’s triumphs and wins
Our friendship can never fray

But life does not come without bad times we’ve learned
‘cause we’ve had a couple bad breaks
But success could never be sweet you know
If life didn’t come with mistakes


So freely we offer our shoulder to cry on,
our service is not far away,
so when they forget their sorrow and pain
we’re ready to party and play

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