November 12, 2011
By DecemberForge SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
DecemberForge SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
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Three parts in a molecule
Two strands to make DNA
Seven liberal arts
Six cardinal directions
Eight rows and columns on a chessboard

Three musketeers
Two sides of the coin
Seven seas
Six divisions of taste
Eight notes in an octave

Three part soul
Two hearts
Seven days a week
Six degrees of separation
Eight as the number of beginnings and endings

A number by itself is a powerful thing
It’s associations make a ring
One thing leads to another
And here becomes there becomes everywhere

These numbers together are resonant motion
Clocks and watches run by this count
Seasons, days, peoples, ways
Pieces of an indefinite amount

Through quartz we have defined our world
Stable, non-toxic, abundant
32, 768 oscillations per minute
With a current run through it

In-sync, in-tune, in-step
My world, your world, our world
Three two seven six eight

The author's comments:
My family runs a clock shop. And there was this really wonderful video by the Engineer Guy where he explained exactly how quartz watches worked. Thus this was born.

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