It's Your Dreams

April 14, 2008
By Richard Walsh, Chillicothe, OH

It's your dreams,
And your world,
That I wake for,

It's your smile,
And your eyes,
That I breath for,

And it's your smell,
And your touch,
That I'd die for,

I sing to you,
A song,
Like no other,

I look for you,
In the dark,
Waiting to see you,

I feel for you,
Your touch,
Needing to hold you,

And I yell for you,
In the silence,
Just to hear your name,

You're my days,
And Nights,
So I cry for you,

You're my hearts,
Leading path,
So I follow you,

But you've strayed,
Away from me,
And I die for you,

You've left me,
And I wait for you,

To see you
And I sing to you,

But your voice,
I dont hear,
So I sigh for you,

For I know that,
You're gone,
But I love you.

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