Ultimate Artist

April 14, 2008
Morning yields a dark-blank canvass,
Like black velvet, are the skies.
In the misty waters,
Dance shades of gray.
The shadows of the day,
Reflected in our eyes.

But here, the maker of all sits confident,
Envisioning the day's master piece.
With a line of gold paint, he begins.
A hand of elegant grace,
Envelop me in loves embrace.
My jealousy shall never cease.

A sea of scarlet water,
Sits below the rising sun.
Turning diamonds in its current,
As they crash upon the shore.
My spirit soars,
And he is far from done.

Fingertips of an Angel,
Trace heaven with colors.
His outstretched arms surround us,
In the beauty of sunrise.
In our eyes,
Hope now mirrors.

His hand erases our sins,
And gone are temptation and strife.
And the new day is upon us
promising another chance at adventure.
Forcing the darkness to take departure,
Giving us another chance at life.

Beauty born from the ashes,
The world's finest artist can create.
The sunrise will always remind me,
Darkness may come, interfere with our lives,
But with the sun, darkness dies.
And the blackness, color will obliterate.

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