Stop Making My Baby Gray MAG

January 5, 2012
By Melissa Thornton Keys BRONZE, Beverly, Massachusetts
Melissa Thornton Keys BRONZE, Beverly, Massachusetts
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A child
Born into a world
A world of hate and despair
Nowhere to go
No one to cling to
No one to look up to
Seen only as a disaster
Grandpa T. calls her a n-----
Grandpa D. a damn slave driver
Names engraved on her side for life
She is only a baby
A newborn
And already, only being moments alive
She is an unwanted misfit of society
Looked upon as an outcast
As if this child had chosen to be half black and half white
She must learn to live in a world of gray
Where she is made to pay
For representing two people’s forbidden love
People are so selfish, so blind
Unopen to differences
Unopen to change
People say that they make these remarks because they are superior to the other
But I think we both know the truth
The truth is – they are scared
Scared that maybe
In these differences
These people are just as good as they
So I say to you, father
I’m on to you
Maybe you aren’t selfish
And I know you’re not blind
You’re scared
And I think you know it
I wish you could understand, there’s no need to be scared
I will always love you
And, if that’s not enough, I’m truly sorry
But, please, stop making this world GRAY
Stop ruining the lives of others
Just because you feel your life has been a failure
Please, I beg of you
Stop making our children GRAY

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