You Should Think About Your Choices

April 13, 2008
By j m, Columbus, OH

The night was young
And the wind so cold
This wasn't the story that wanted to be told
They stood outside from the crowd awaiting the parents sad faces and frowns
They crowded around the big black box which held a girl so tiny and frail
A friend of their daughter
Staring out at the crowd as she saw the poor mothers face
She waited until her tears came to a halt
She spoke softly and slowly letting father and mother, brother and sister, friends, and family all know the truth of the matter
She said these words
"My actions were scarce, my feet were like stone, my brethe taken aback, the world unknown, my feeling were sharp, my face stung, and still somehow i watned to be the one. Who sat in that car and burst into flames. Instead i just watched from afar. I knew taht this mess was all my fault and nobody could take that statement away from me. I put her in the car i watched her drive off we both were drunk, but she had definatly had enough. She took my hand before she left and said this 'Tell my mother i love her, she was a good friend. Tell my brother his girlfriend's a keeper. Tell my father I'm sorry for all that I've done. Tell my sister she was always the prettier one. Tell yourself this wasn't your fault evryone was drunk.' My system shutdown i couldn't let go. she pulled up her window and drove off so fast i was so sure that she wouldn't last. I knew in advance to force her to stop i hopped in my car and everything came to a halt i heared a screech from two blocks down we all ran towards the noise my heart stopped it had no choice, but in the end i knew it was over drinking in driving nobody ever is really sober. That night was a night that nobody will evr forget, because everynight is that night and if you don't watch out one day you'll be it.

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