The Battle

April 12, 2008
They say she had it easy
What with her perfect hair
But what they didn’t see
Was that she was in despair

They whispered behind her back
Admiring how she was so thin
But what they didn’t know
Was she was fighting a battle within

The girls at school began to worry
She went to the bathroom every morn
Yet they didn’t know
Deep inside, she was torn

Finally her mom caught onto her
And she finally asked why
But the girl could only muster
“Mom, I’m going to die”

So they went to the ER right away
And they put her in a bed
Then the doctor came in to say
“I’m sorry; you’re the same as dead"

Two hours later, her dad was with her in the room as well
He asked her why she wanted it to end this way
And she said, “I wanted friends”
And then she passed away

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