Okay, I'm Up MAG

January 4, 2012
By Talin Aprahamian BRONZE, Milton, Massachusetts
Talin Aprahamian BRONZE, Milton, Massachusetts
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6:40. Okay, I’m up
I’ll get up. I’m coming – here I come!
No, I’ll sleep. Uh!
I have to get up. ZZZZZ …
Oh, oh maybe I should
have gone to bed earlier –
Bed? Sleep? – wait, huh?
SLEEP? Is this some kind of new concept?
Do I have time to sleep anymore?

Toothbrush? Need some clothes maybe …
(That would be good)
Keys. Got the keys? Yes.
No. Where did I put them?
Oh, breakfast. I need food –
OK. Jacket? Oh yea
It is about 10 degrees outside, isn’t it?
Thanks Mom – love you, bye

Oh school oh … Oh! I have
a math test today! I hope
I remember all I studied
last night. Last night
Batteries in the pencil?
Did I sharpen my calculator?
What’s that? Solve for WHAT?!
Did we learn that?
Oh, oh brain freeze
Where’s my … did I …
Huh? Oh hola … yea, yea … bien
(I suppose)
Quiz? What? Tomorrow? Oh no
Not another project – no I can’t
Not again. Please not again
Hey – did something change
About the Civil War
since the last time I learned it?
Ah yes and isn’t college
Right around the corner?
I hear you loud and clear –
Yes it has been made known
to me that my grades are
very important.

No I can’t. Yea I’d like to
go home and take a nap, too.
I have track. Till when?
Oh, eternity.
No. This Saturday I have
a meet. A big one.
Sorry. Tonight I have
a piano lesson.
Yea, but remember that three-
page paper we have to write?
So? everyone leaves things
Til the last minute sometimes.
Or all the time
That’s my style.
My style.
It’s my style.

Dinner? Shower? Oh God –
Homework? The phone –
What? Who’s on the phone?
No – I can’t figure out the
physics homework either. But
I’ll give it another try.
Oh yea? I know – vocabulary
test on just 240 words?
Sure no sweat (whatever!)
What makes this year so much
harder than last year?
Can I do it?
Will this stress ever go away?
I’m trying to do it all.
I want to make everyone happy
Or do I want to hide
in my bed? Hide from school,
But life?
No. I want to be happy. I’M UP!
I want to be happy
even if it is 11:30
As I finish my homework
and put my head to my pillow.
I can do it! I want to do it!
I want to be happy …
ZZZZZ … I want to be happy,
successful, I want to please
Everyone …
I will make everyone happy
Because I want to be happy

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