In a Store Window

April 11, 2008
By Franchesca Porath, Macomb, MI

In a store window,
down on Main street,
next to the bakery,
with good things to eat.

A store full of pets,
with dogs and birds,
a variety of animals,
make a whole herd.

A sign in the window,
invites people in,
"Take a pet home,
and let the fun begin!"

One day a couple walks in the store,
"We want a dog,' announces the man at the door.
"But only one," was the womans reply.
"Oh yes," said the man," For kids we have five."

They walked through the puppies,
some smooth and some fluffy.
Some with shiny eyes,
Both girls and guys.

But they came across one,
who was sure having fun.
He was rolling around,
and never had both feet on the ground.

She picked him up,
like a giant ball of fluff,
and he started to wiggle,
which of course made her giggle.

"He's such a cute little fellow,
we'll get him a collar-make it yellow,
and a bed and a bone,
we'll take him on walks
and give him a home."

He thought for a moment,
and then he agreed,
they paid for the puppy,
and proceeded to leave.

It started in the car,
on the way home from the store.
The puppy was bored,
and chewed on the door.

"My car, my car!" The man cried.
"And the smell he gives off,
its like something died!"
All while his wife sighed.

She then turned around,
and smacked him with her purse,
the dog began to whine,
and the man started to curse.

From that day on it only got worse,
it always began with the puppy, a hit and a curse.
As the dog continued to grow,
there was nothing nice he learned to know.

Th abuse went on for many years,
the neglect and the anger,
the hurt and the fear.

'Till one day when a few years had gone,
the dog had felt it time to move on,
found one day cold in the corner,
finally relieved of his life of horror.

Through years of neglect,
abuse and shame,
the dog bought for fun,
had nothing but pain.

And here lies the animal,
bought as a friend,
alone and scared,
right to the end.

All he wanted was a family,
food and love.
What you gave him?
None of the above.

He got a hurt so deep,
it blocked out the pain,
the blows that fell,
like an ill fated rain.

A hurt cured,
in quite an easy way,
playing and loving,
and a little time each day.

But instead he felt,
hurt, sad, adn alone,
and though he left the store,
like he never had a home.

When a life goes by,
beaten and burnt,
fought and hurt,
stabbed and whipped,
tortured and kicked,
a life of abuse has the fate,
never to live,
but always to die.

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