April 11, 2008
By Lucy Hovanisyan, Brooklyn, NY

The clear rain poured down from the sky,
I stood there trying to disappear.
I knew that people saw me cry,
though the colorless water ran down my face
just the same…
You couldn’t say I was the one to blame.

It was a lie when I said I was all right,
Everything went wrong because of the choice I made.
And a choice it was when my life was at stake!
And even though now everything is gray,
You couldn’t say I was the one to blame.

“How do you do, dear?” they liked to ask.
They’re the ones who stayed the same.
They live in the past and nothing is changed.
They don’t know that I’m the one to blame.

What would you do in such a case?
Live a world with violent fights?
Why, by then, I couldn’t even look at his face!
I took action before he’d even try,
It would be a shame to live such a short life,
With a torn heart and miserable cries,
But even now it still feels the same,
Because deep down I know that I’m the one to blame.

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