April 11, 2008
Yesterday I collected all the peanuts on the street.
They're now all my best friends.
They talk to me.
If one of them cracks,
don't worry I sew them back.
If one of them cries,
I'll try not to pry.
But today they attacked
and crippled my back.
They came into my room
with a long wooden broom.
They knocked me out
with a fake metal trout.
The peanuts were my friends,
I thought we had no end.
We created a whole bunch of new trends.
But they made me so mad,
I buckled-down and turned bad.
So I crushed them all up
and fed them to my pup.
Later that night,
I tried not to cry,
so all I did was let out a long lonesome sigh.
The next day
I prayed
and had a memorial parade.
I miss my friends,
but it's okay,.
I guess I could go play croquet.

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