April 11, 2008
Don’t procrastinate
It’s bad for your health, you know
You will get all Fs.

There’s a virus here
That will destroy your laptop
As the lid closes

Haikus are easy
They are very simple yes
They’re easy to make

Many lines are here
Many lines of poetry
Many more to go?

Forty in total
Twenty Seven more to go
Man this is boring

Fish heads on the dock
People leave these all behind
Clean up your litter.

Thirty seven left
What has Thirty seven left?
My battery, duh

Nickels and Dimes
Those are both in my pocket
Yes, they seem to be

Comfy Furniture
They are easy to sleep on
Sleeping is very nice

Thirty two percent
That is all that is left here
What a bad number

All you need to know
This is where the party’s at
The party is here

Party hard baby
Lose yourself with the spirit
All just might be lost

The sound of music
Loud, ringing through your eardrums
Deafening it is

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