Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

April 11, 2008
Many different meanings for this very small word,
Not sharing it with others, would be so absurd.
Described as affection, emotion, or an emotional state.
It is certain that this is a valuable trait.

To me, it is greater than any other feeling,
And maybe the cure for all healing.
Knowing the faults of others, but still seeing the best in them,
Simply saying it to another, could bring a big grin.

There are many different things for one to love,
From people and animals, to music or your oldest baseball glove.
“I love cooking,” “I’m in love, ” and “For the love of the game,”
Are ways to express it, but don’t mean all the same.

One type of love, is to have a great liking for,
Maybe the love you have for shopping while in your favorite store.
“I’m lovin’ it,” is a phrase we hear from McDonalds,
Which is just simply liking the food at ole Mr. Ronalds.

We hear it in movies, in books, and in life,
Where it’s usually between a man and his wife.
This love comes straight from the heart and is more sincere,
It’s so passionate and joyous, it could even bring tears.
It’s also the way he or she feels,
When they have fallen “head over heels.”

Expressing love is easy, you can show it many ways,
Giving chocolates and flowers especially on those certain days.
Love may come and go, but remember the feelings you had,
You shared them with special people, through good times and bad.
Love means facing your biggest fears, but don’t let that get in your way,
Go after what you want and work at it each day.

Love is being patient with the ones you care for the most,
It’s protecting them with your all and keeping them close.
It’s a simple word to keep a smile, not a frown,
Because after all, love makes the world go ‘round.

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