Clive's birthday

January 2, 2012
By Anonymous

There once was a Japanese pirate named Clive
Who sailed the seas and left no one alive.
His malevolent toucan sat right on his shoulder.
His vicious flamingo as tough as a boulder.
Each day Clive traveled farther from home,
Visiting islands with his weapon, a comb.
The prongs of the comb had razor sharp ends,
And as a result, Clive had no friends!
His blood-thirsty ways were not of his doing;
Un-happied birthdays caused all this slewing.
From no one -nobody!- had he received
A "happy birthday," not even from Steve!
No one went through the trouble to give him that wish.
That's why he cut up people like fish.
To save you from this evil curse,
I won't stall longer; I'll be terse.
Have an awesome, magnificent, glorious day,
Happy birthday to you in every possible way!

P.S. Steve was Clive's brother.

The author's comments:
I wanted to wish my friend a happy birthday in an original, creative way, and he loves pirates. That inspired me to write this poem.

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