My Cheerleaders

April 11, 2008
By Jill Butler, Bridger, MT

I go to school with a frown on my face
And they know right away that it's bad
That I didn't get much sleep
Or that someone had made me mad

I do to work and they think
That Jill is just a drama queen
But they can think what they want
Because, to my friends I will lean

My friends are always there for me
And I for them as well
I wish them the best in life
And I know they will get it, I can tell

But I never knew that this could be
Something so big and amazing
Something that I will remember forever
All of my friends who are just a lil' crazy

Jill, Jori, Jenn and Tabs
You girls are the deeders
I want to thank you all
For being My Cheerleaders!!!

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