up above

December 28, 2011
Somewhere up above the stars
The past and future intertwined and become one
Everything will become a blur and the universe floats past
We wont ever see home again

Somewhere up above my heart
Where blood and war are at peace
Where everything flows in uniform
Where thoughts want to become words
Where words are to scared to become actions
And actions never exist

Somewhere where make believe and reality are the same
Where eyes could speak and mouths told truths
Where lies are secrets and secrets exist only because of lies
Where poems are told by the heart
Where worlds like this don’t exist

Somewhere up above the darkness that is transformed into serenity
Where green fields and purple flowers turns into dust and bones
Where no one wants to commiserate with you instead stick a knife into your dumb-mouthed wounds

Somewhere up above the clouds where ignoring you is praise and praise is looked down upon
Where the world revolves around the moon and the stars are only there because we placed them on our ceilings

Somewhere down in the ocean
Where mosquitoes are our friends and nobody knows how to cry

Cry a river, cry a salty ocean with all our miseries turning into fish and swimming away from us because even when we look at our own souls we try to run away

Worlds like this only exist with pen and paper
There could be not one without the other
Where paper exist because of pens
And pens only bring stress never joy as intended
Where pens are not as strong anymore and cower down to the all-mighty sword

Somewhere up above the stars
The past and future are two separate worlds
Where nothing leads to anything which leads back to nothing
One day we will live above the stars past the satellites and our homes
Where we discovered what infinity was and how to keep our monsters locked in the closet
Maybe we live no one knows of tomorrow and tomorrow doesn’t know of today
Only in history where yesterday was a war and today we live on the stars fueled by our never ending dreams.

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