Gentle Rain

April 10, 2008
Listen to the waves crash against the cape,

The air charged with anticipation,
Thunder cracks among the heavens,
A gentle summer rain begins to fall.

She steps from her house in a bathing suit,
For a dip in the sea that will never come,
The rain falling lightly on her wrinkled skin,
Like her husband’s touch when he was alive.

Each drop is cleansing, a ray of hope,
As the sun winks among the clouds,
The endless patter of little drops,
Mirror her children’s footsteps.

As she is christened again with drops of mist,
She reflects on the joys her life has held,
The births of her children, her husband’s kiss,
The simple days that only the wise know to treasure.

She has learned much from her stay on Earth,
Like a gentle shower she has left puddles of significance,
But just as these will inevitably disappear,
She knows that her imprint will soon be refilled.

Instead of worrying, she instead rejoices,
Now others may take her place in life.
She has discovered all that she can in this place,
And the time has come to move on.

And so in the early rays of morn,
As the jargon of rain begins to cease,
A soul leaves this world, flying high through the air,
With the golden glimmer of day upon her wings.

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