A Man and a Boy

April 9, 2008
By Max Rothstein, Parkland, FL

Stradling the gap between good and evil
Stand a man and a boy, complete strangers.
Strangers that have known each other for a lifetime.
Perhaps they feel their other’s presence?
But the man pushes away with the might of a lion
His pride would not allow a child to take his place
The man, vigorous and passionate, burns.
The fire persist indefinitely,
He burns with ambition.
The fire heats and turns blue,
He burns with creativity.
And sometimes, the boy comes along
And burns everything, indifferent to those under the flame.
But the man is a rational one, and mathematical in nature.

The strumming of an acoustic guitar
Plays to the rhythm of his golden heart
The strumming of an electric guitar
Pulls him out of his triangle of rationality
Golden heart, gone, now steel is in its place
The TV screen flashes red, violence,
Now the boy’s attention awakes
And the man, the man is sure of one thing,
The boy is not, was not, and will never be him.
If only the boy’s blood did not flow through the man’s body,
Then such a thing could be true.

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