My Paradise

December 24, 2011
My paradise is an island far, far away,
A place of beauty where my mind always stays.
Never to get lost, my heart stays in its way,
It spins in circles as thought fly all day.

My paradise is peaceful but I am never alone,
My love, my honey bun is always right through the phone.
With the press of a button he is by my side,
When our hearts are together they run and hide.
You’ll never find them for they’ll be in love,
Close together, they will always fit in one glove.

My paradise sticks up for the girl,
After all it’s my place; I rule the world.
With my crown and my captor,
You will bow down before me like the Rugrats so Reptar.
Kiss my hand and brush my teeth,
All my problems will go straight to sleep.
No one shall wake them for everything is quiet,
Except for when I am bored, then that silence goes on a diet.
Music and laughter all dazzling night,
To see me smile, my paradise calls it, “Such a sight.”

My paradise is special and real as you and me,
The things you don’t see are often the things you must believe.
But catching my paradise is like catching the flu,
You don’t come to it sweetie, it comes to you,
So simply count your many blessings and say, “Achooo…”

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