April 9, 2008
By Stephanie Hjortshoj, Hanna City, IL

Sometimes I’ve wondered if given the chance,
If I would go back and try another dance.
Should I remedy the mistakes I’ve made in the past?

I could have taken on the situation in another way,
Or chosen a different road.
I could have decided not to let my guard down,
And then maybe life could have taken on a whole new look.

But the experiences and memories of yesterday,
Have made me into who I am today,
And will shape me into who I will be tomorrow.

My values and my past are all a part of me.
My faith and my dreams give me the hope I crave for the days to come.
I have blessings from God in my life who, no matter what the case,
Have always been there for me.
To listen, to be there, to laugh, to love,
And to make the good memories even greater,
While making the rough ones easier to get through.

I believe God shows us something through every season.
At the time, the lesson may have seemed harsh,
But looking back, He has always brought something good of it.

You see, the paths I’ve taken have brought me to this place of understanding.
I’m constantly growing in to the woman I’ve been meant to become.
And while at times physically, emotionally, and socially exhausting,
The acts of loving, laughing, and learning
Make up the life I live.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

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