Peer Pressure

November 30, 2011
Meet Paige, she is just fifteen.
She gets straight A’s in school, runs the debate team.
She never lies to her parents, never snuck out of her house,
Goes to church on Sundays and doesn’t own one low cut blouse.
Paige never had a boyfriend, nor did she want one,
Paige spends her time at the library for fun.
Until her best friend Sheila started hanging with Jake, and Sheila would say
“Paige, why don’t we double date?”
Despite Sheila’s protests, Paige still wouldn’t go
So every Friday night Paige was left at home alone.
Time went on and Paige would never admit it, but the loneliness clawed at her,
Oh how well she hid it.
That’s when Tommy came along; he was every girl’s dream
He was smart, handsome, and six foot three.
One night, Tommy took Paige home to his flat
No grand tour, he took her straight to his room just like that.
Then Tommy tried to have his way, but Paige was scared
Tommy said, “What’s wrong Paige? Wow, I really like your hair.
You know, everybody’s doing it. You want to be popular right?”
After a smile and a nod, Paige shut off the light.

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