A Response to "With Kit, Age 7, at the Beach"

February 13, 2008
After crossing the Michigan border,
my family stares in awe at the mountain of sand
sitting next to Lake Michigan.
The mountain has watched the waves of people
swim in the ice cold water for hundreds of years.

My brother and I jump out of the car as it stops.
We jump across the parking lot
as our feet cannot stand the heat.
We reach the sand and look up…

Warren Dunes intimidates us.
The Mt. Everest made of sand,
Hundreds of feet in the air it stands.
Daunting its onlookers,
who prepare for the strenuous climb.

My brother and I start our mission.
After what seems to be hundreds of steps,
we begin to sweat,
as the sun beats down.
We look down at the bottom of the dune,
unfortunately, it does not stand as far away
as one would hope.

This continues over and over again.
Hundreds of steps
resulting ten feet up the dune.

Finally as my heart beats fast
and the breaths are deep,
we have arrived
at the top of Warren Dunes.

We admire Lake Michigan for a few moments,
and then we run down in a few minutes.
Lake Michigan’s wind fights our speed.

My brother climbs again.
I stop
and think about another climb.

I would rather wait until next year.

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