A Tide of Ecstasy

February 12, 2008
The sea laps at the shore hungrily,
Wave after wave eroding its resolve.
The land is entranced, and tingles
In anticipation of each treasured caress.
Filled with trust and wonder, the land creates crevices,
And the water hesitantly, lovingly advances into them,
Bringing delight and the promise of life to them both.
They pledge eternal love,
And eternal happiness together.
They agree to weather the storms,
And to care for the life they have created,
In their pleasure.
But they’ve forgotten there are bigger things,
And the moon creates low tide, driving them apart.
The ecstasy promptly ends,
And they crash into desperate wretchedness,
Isolated and alone.
They will be scarred forever,
But the fleeting second of unity and harmony
They felt together was entirely worth it.
Life goes on, and the earth continues to spin.
High tide will come again.

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