I Wish

February 12, 2008
By Max Luo, Livingston, NJ

I wish you felt the way I do,
Burning with devotion,
The scars of pain, sear my skin,
While I can’t feel emotion.

I call your name, and hope that you,
Can see the inner me.
But time and time, I get turned down;
Get swat down like a bee.

I wish that you can look past the parts,
The parts that feel so bad,
The buck-toothed grin, the geeky look,
The parts that make me mad.

The acne that bombards my face,
The glasses on my nose,
The number that I see on the scale,
My cheap, generic, clothes.

I wish that when I talk to you,
It’s not always about him.
About his latest date with you;
How you obey his every whim.

About how you do everything,
Anything he desires
Can’t you see? He’s playing you.
He’s nothing but a liar.

I wish that I, had the looks,
The face, the charm, the hair.
The courage that I never had,
To do almost any dare.

The smile that can bring back to life,
The most rotten, lifeless flower.
The perfect body that was made to be,
To admire in the shower.

I wish that I could make you notice,
The way you make me act,
The way my heart, goes Mach Five;
My whole system’s out of whack.

The way you make me stutter,
The times I hear you talk,
The corny jokes I try to crack,
When we decide to walk.

I wish that maybe I’ll decide to do,
The thing I dream about,
Telling you I like you,
And saying it with a shout.

But until that kind of feeling comes,
I guess I’ll pray and kneel,
For a shooting star to come on by,
And for my wishes to be real.

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