In Broken Pieces

December 19, 2011
By LOVEnPEACE BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
LOVEnPEACE BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and what I can do, that I ought to do; and what I ought to do, by the grace of God I shall do." -Edward Everett Hale

Everywhere I’m turning nothing seems complete
Missing pieces to a key puzzle, for the greater picture,
are the hidden treasures in this life I seek

Long suffering and sorrow that’s all I ever see
Never ending pain…
Oh God, why, why me?

So I break down
Go to a hidden place
Somewhere, where I can’t be found

Because no one knows,
how many scares I hold
Underneath these clothes

Every word I’ve spoken
Not to leave clues
Have been carefully chosen

They will never know
How easily I’m broken
Nor see the tears which flow

Constantly I’m searching for the better part of me
The hidden, reserved side of myself
That part, which people never see

I’m so very ordinary
There’s nothing special about me
Constantly searching for qualities that make me extraordinary

Often judged by people on their judgment seat
Always questioning my importance and value,
because their standards I can’t meet

I refrain to silence, I dare not to speak
It’s not like they would listen,
so I build walls, so no one can breech

Me, Myself, and I
That’s how it’s always been
An outcast to the world, so all I do is cry

Fast approaching is the day
I’ve sensed it along, the temporary happiness,
so all I do is pray

Walking, stumbling on my own two feet
Toward a home, a refuge, or destination
Which I don’t think I’ll ever meet

Sometimes I’m hiding away from the madness around me
Like a child who’s afraid of the dark
All alone, broken hearted I have no place to flee

Often wondering is there any escape from this madness
But life gives me no hope
So constantly I’m reminded of my sadness

It’s like screaming at the top of your lungs in a room full of people,
but no one seems to turn around
If hope is to be found, it’s by looking towards the steeple

I am changing
Falling less and less asleep
The me that use to be is fading

Long gone has my heart been shattered
Couldn’t dodge the bullet, even if it mattered
Like broken glass, the pieces scattered

The pain it brings never ceases
No longer whole but I am

The author's comments:
Inspired by phases in one's life when a person loses and discovers (or finds) themselves. There's a point in every-one's life where they lose themselves (to one thing or another), and they find out that the person that they always wanted to be (or at least who they think they are), in reality doesn't exist, but is only an illusion of their imagination. So, the more you try to break away from the chains which you feel hold you back and the pains of life, the more you find yourself caught up in its wild fire. So constantly you try to prove your worthiness, but life repeatedly reminds you that you're not good enough. Nothing ever seems to go right, no one seems to understand you, so you feel alone & somewhat lost.

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