A Mess

February 12, 2008
Look at you, look at me
we fit together so perfectly.
American Eagle, your latest style
and don't forget my perfect smile.
But wait a minute, there's something more
Something behind this open door.
A closed book, there it waits
we never quite believed in fate.
open it up and they will see,
there's something more to you and me.
The perfect drama wrapped in tears
try to ignore those hidden fears.
We never listened to what they said
yet their opinion is what we dread.
Now here we are, all alone
Does anyone have a heart to loan?I'm a mess and you are too
There's nothing left of me and you
But we don't care, we still go on
all emotions we will pawn
Now all alone I sit and cry
We hate each other, I wonder why?
All is gone, we're going down
In this ocean we will drown.
I write it all down on this paper of white
maybe I'll get some sleep tonight.
Maybe I won't but I don't care
A friend will have some pity to spare.
Bun nobody worry, I'm just fine
I'd never hurt this reputation of mine.
I'll keep smiling day after day
but you'll never listen to what I say.
Now I'm a mess and you are too
There's nothing left for us to do.

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