Worry Not

December 18, 2011
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Worry not, forevermore
The best is surely still in store
What you see and what you get
Different enough to make you fret

Don’t let small things change your life
Make it some big endless strife
Bear the burdens they will end
And maybe then some peace will send

Listen now and listen good
I was there, I was once stood
On the brink of self control
I think I nearly lost it all

Darkness would envelop the mind
And I would sooner than later find
Sometimes letting go of the past
Is all that will make your future last

People can always change,
No mater what the cost
And you can always make up,
For what was forever lost
Don’t let them tell you that
Your dreams are in vain
When their dreams were once alive
And they let them become slain

Be stronger than what they can see
Be what you meant yourself to be
Strong as a rock, and free as a bird
All your happiness is well earned

Don’t listen to what others say
Love doesn’t leave, if you let it stay
What you are, and what they want
Rather, you could always flaunt

The traits that they find most aggravating
Leave their cold hearts and minds calculating
What it was that they did wrong
As if they had a part in your song

Only you control your mind
And they will surely someday find
That they will have to let you go
Move on and enjoy the show

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