The Last Echoes

December 7, 2011
By SlowMoe BRONZE, Casablanca, Kansas
SlowMoe BRONZE, Casablanca, Kansas
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“I despise a world which does not feel that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”-Beethoven

There's this ringing pattern of a rhyme,
that folds itself in my heart,
it pulses through my body,
time miserably slows,
my eyes grow and glisten,
these operating schemes finally shrink into the earth before me,
humans surrounding jiggle and wobble their frail bones,
which rings again in my uncanny big ears,
children's legs crack,
old peoples skulls snap,
womens breasts pop,
the bodies now on the floor flop,
this orchestra is ringing in my ears,
heavy tear drops fall down from the azure sky,
the sun smoldering of whats left,
the wind screaming its last sorrows through the rattling humans,
the earths rocks growl, quake and rumble down,
the forest roots screech with pain,
my legs,arms, head, are compressing to my infinitesimal grey heart,
my muscles now lacerated and my bones now shattered,
now im inside, now im inside my own bloody heart,
now im instrumentally beating,
now im part of this wonderful orchestra,
that we joyously created, that we so fantastically created.

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