Only the Ring Knows

February 10, 2008
By Samantha Pfister, Las Vegas, NV

He said he loved me, did he love me enough to live?
So many nights praying, so many tears shed
Now my love is dead
My heart withers away
I feel I had so much left to say

Now all that remains of the love of my life
Is the ring he gave me that one fateful night
The day he proposed made my heart soar But now it's left in shattered shards on the floor

I don't want to see that ring anymore
I want to hide it, toss it, throw it away
To stop my heart breaking everyday
Stop the flow of my constant tears

But I don't want to forget the feeling of his love for me
The warmth of a gentle embrace or a petal soft kiss
So that's why I now set the ring in view
As a promise that I will never forget the love I felt for you

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