Ode to the Thesaurus

February 10, 2008
Oh! Thesaurus! I beg and I plead
Show me, great one, the words that I need

For only your power can change something simple
From "pretty" to "stunning" and "hat" into "wimple"

For a jump of a half-letter grade (at least)
I open your pages for a vocab feast

My clumsy young sentences disappear
I make "enlighten" of "tell" and "horror" of "fear"

"I see a dog" becomes, with this Thesaurus of mine
"My person beholds a single silky-coated canine"

When "I run" becomes "I zippily canter" though, they smirk
Don't mind them; I'll continue my work!

So remember, "smell" means "rank" and "smart" means "wit"
And "a" means...means...oh! I quit!

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